Can you play PUBG: New State on PC?

PUBG: New State has several unique features.

PUBG New State Survivor Pass Season 1 - Price, free and premium rewards

Image via Krafton

PUBG: New State is another mobile game set in the PUBG universe. It features many of the same weapons, with new cosmetics and a handful of different mechanics, such as Drones, a Green Flare gun to revive allies, and recruiting enemies to your squad. PUBG: New State launched as a mobile game, but can you play it on your PC?

The answer to that is a little tricky. While you can likely play PUBG: New State through emulators that let you play a mobile game from your PC. However, these are frowned upon by the developers, and as such, are ill-advised. Furthermore, you place your account at risk if you attempt to use any known emulators to play a mobile game from your PC. As such, there is no traditional method for PUBG: New State to be played on any PC.

We don’t believe PUBG: New State will make its way outside of a mobile version, too. The same reason it’s not on consoles. The different mechanics and gameplay make it different from the regular PUBG PC version and the PUBG Mobile game.

When it comes to PUBG: New State, you’ll have to stick with a smartphone that can run it. It’s available on both Android and iPhone devices.