Can you play Rainbow Six: Siege offline?

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is a well-known and popular first-person shooter that has had a long life. This is mainly attributed to its online gameplay being fun and consistently getting updates. While playing Siege online will always be the game’s main draw, is there a way to play it while offline?

If you are looking to play Rainbow Six: Siege offline because of an internet outage or other reasons, you surprisingly can. It is rare anymore for online-focused games to allow you to access the menu if you have no internet, but Siege is different.

If you jump into Siege offline, you can pull up the available game modes and access Training Ground or Learning Area. In Training Ground, you will play a standard mission on your own where you face off against AI opponents. In Learning Area, you can do the Tutorial or Situations, which is essentially a challenge-based mode that grades you with stars as you learn to approach specific situations.

While you will have access to these modes without an internet connection, there is no cooperative play for splitscreen. That is not much of a surprise since the main game does not have splitscreen functionality. If you are looking for as traditional a Siege experience as possible, we recommend playing Training Ground. You can adjust the difficulty of the AI, and while it is not as seamless of an experience as online, it will give you a certain amount of fun while you play.