Can you play Star Ocean: The Divine Force on Steam Deck? Answered

It would be nice to play this game on the go.

Image via tri-Ace and Square Enix

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is an action role-playing game developed by tri-Ace and part of the long-lasting Star Ocean franchise. The game has an expansive setting that covers space and features a large cast of unique characters. The title has elaborate graphics with complex game audio, making it a dense game. Since Divine Force is so full of content and complexity, can you play the game on your Steam Deck? The Steam Deck is capable of playing many games with complex worlds, yet is Divine Force too much to handle for the device?

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Is Star Ocean: The Divine Force compatible with the Steam Deck

Star Ocean: The Divine Force
Image via Square Enix

Star Ocean: The Divine Force on Steam is compatible with the Steam Deck, but there’s a caveat. You can play Divine Force on your Steam Deck, but you’ll have some performance issues. The game suffered from stuttering and constant frame drops on the Steam Deck, making it difficult to play the title on the go. There have also been reports the game is failing to compile the right shading on the Steam Deck, so you may have to disable that function to play the title on the device.

Given the problems Divine Force is having on the Steam Deck, you should stick to playing the title on your PC or console. Divine Force is the sixth main installment of the Star Ocean series and got announced on October 2021, as part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary. The game follows an original storyline starring space captain Raymond, leader of a merchant’s vessel hailing from the advanced planet of Verguld, and space princess Laeticia, a royal from an underdeveloped nation on the planet of Aster IV.

The story’s viewpoint differs depending on which protagonist you start the title with. Star Ocean: The Divine Force will take more than 40 hours for you to finish the main campaign. However, if you want to 100% complete the game, it may take you more than 200 hours to accomplish.