Can you play Star Stable on a Chromebook?

Can you run it?

With the growing popularity of Star Stable, more and more players are wondering if they can join in the on the horse-based fun. With a lot of people out there owning Chromebooks, a common question is whether Star Stable will even run on those devices.

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Unfortunately, Star Stable is only playable on PC or Mac, and will not run on Ubuntu, Linux, or Chrome OS. While there are away to get Windows running on a Chromebook, this tends to involve installing a new BIOS is not recommended.

Sadly, anybody out there with a Chromebook who was hoping to play Star Stable will need to get their hands on a laptop or PC that runs Windows, or a device that runs iOS instead.

The developers have not said anything about bringing in future support for Star Stable on Chromebooks, and always advise players to find a PC or Mac to play on. As such, it is safe to assume that they will not be bringing the game to Chromebook in the near future, if every.

Remember, you can try out Star Stable Online for free for the first five levels, as the game is a “free to try” game. After that, you will need to upgrade to a paid account if you wish to progress further in the game.

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