Can You Play SteamWorld Build On Mac, Explained

Can you play SteamWorld Build on Mac? Other franchise installments have been available on the platform, but will this one be?

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SteamWorld Build, the latest addition to the SteamWorld franchise, recently made its way to several platforms. However, Mac users are wondering whether you can play SteamWorld Build on Mac since previous franchise installments have been available on iOS.

Fans of the SteamWorld franchise who are also Mac users want to know whether they can download the game for iOS and, if not if that option will ever become available. We took a deep dive into what’s going on with the Mac version of this game, and here’s what we know.

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Can You Play SteamWorld Build On Mac?

Image via Apple

As of the game’s initial release, you cannot download a Mac OS version of SteamWorld Build. This means the game is currently unavailable on Mac systems.

This may change in the future, but for now, let’s take a look at which platforms can run the game and what developers have to say.

Platforms Where You Can Currently Play SteamWorld Build

SteamWorld Available Platforms
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The Steam version of the game is available for Windows operating systems only at this time, a departure from previous games like SteamWorld Dig 2, which is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

In addition to console versions through Steam, SteamWorld Build is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. This gives players a good number of options to choose from, even though you can’t currently play the game on Mac. Personally, I’ve been playing on Switch and find it to be a pretty satisfying experience, but I can definitely see where some players might prefer to play on a PC or Mac.

Developer Updates on a Mac Version of SteamWorld Build

SteamWorld Build Development
Image via The Station, Ltd.

Many users on Steam have posted to the forums asking for developer updates on whether a Mac version of the game is in progress. As far as we can see, there hasn’t been an official update on this from the developer, though someone from the team did respond to the request thread with the comment, “I will definitely pass on all your requests!”

In addition to this developer comment on the Mac request thread, a recent news update to the SteamWorld Build webpage notes that the team is “looking forward to being able to share more about the future plans for SteamWorld Build.”

While neither comment is a direct answer to whether we’ll be able to play SteamWorld Build on Mac in the future, it does tell us that the team is still thinking about SteamWorld Build and working on something behind the scenes. That work may well include a Mac-friendly version of the game if previous installments in the series are any indication.