Can you replay missions in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Think about how you want to work a mission.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s missions allow you to use several unique characters to complete them, giving you the chance to play the game you feel best fits your playstyle. You may want to try using an expert who knows exactly how to tackle every problem they’re going to encounter while participating in the mission, or you may want to give yourself a challenge, trying a character you think has a unique approach to completing it. After you’ve completed a mission, will you be able to play it over again using a new character?

Despite the unique ways you can play these missions in Watch Dogs: Legion, no, you won’t be able to play a mission over again. The only way you can start over is to fail a mission or start afresh save of the game, which forces you to start over from scratch and do everything over again. Given the amount of flexibility and freedom Ubisoft allows players to go with on these missions, it doesn’t give you the chance to see if you can try a new strategy. That’s not the worst thing in the world, but it might make you think twice before starting a mission.

You can always undergo operations with your friends online if you want to meet up with them. These operations will likely be a bit more challenging because two to four players are working together. Multiplayer is not available when the game first launches, though, and will be open on December 3. That gives everyone a good month to play through Legion, find a favorite operative, and level them up before working with friends to take on new challenges.