Can you run in Atomic Heart? Answered

Walking up that hill.

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Quality of life and changing industry standards have made certain gaming features commonplace, which is why when a game is seemingly missing a key gameplay mechanic, players notice. Having the ability to run in a game is one of those key features that gamers have now taken for granted, with many players assuming a sprint option is available in all titles. However, players have trouble figuring out how to run or sprint in Atomic Heart. The game doesn’t detail how to use a sprint function, which makes players question if they can run at all in the game.

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Is there a run or sprint function in Atomic Heart?

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The reason why Atomic Heart doesn’t tell you how to sprint or run is because there isn’t a sprint or run option. We sometimes have the habit of pressing the B or A button on a controller to increase our moving speed, but there is no button for you to run in Atomic Heart. There is a dodge mechanic that you can use to gain a temporary rush. The dodge function allows you to dash in a specific direction to avoid an oncoming attack, but you can also use the dodge to rush forward. The dodge button is Circle on the DualShock and B on the Xbox controller.

With that said, you can increase your default movement speed through the upgrade tree at the NORA upgrade station. To increase your movement speed, find a NORA station and go to the Character upgrade tree. There’s the Morning Exercise Upgrade that you can purchase for 80 Neuropolymer, which will significantly increase your average movement speed. However, the upgrade doesn’t add a sprint or run function, it simply boosts the overall pace of your movement.

A sprint function isn’t the only key gameplay mechanic missing from the game, as many players have raised issues about the title’s lack of ray tracing, photo mode, and FOV at launch. Despite the complaints, the game is praised for its solid combat mechanics and graphics.