Can you save Corporal Jenkins in Mass Effect: Remastered Edition

Man down.

Screengrab via Mass Effect’s YouTube channel

Very early in the Mass Effect campaign, players will be tasked with heading to Eden Prime to investigate a beacon that has been discovered there. When they arrive, they will find a horde of Geth has overrun the planet, destroying everything and everyone in their path.

During the general introduction to combat, a member of the ground team than accompanies Shepherd will be shot after running out in front of a bunch of enemies. Corporal Jenkins will hit the deck after eating a barage of enemy fire, and players will then be able to interact with the body when the firefight is over.

If you are wondering if it is possible to save Corporal Jenkins, or heal him after the fact, the answer is no. Jenkins dies to great the wheel of Mass Effect’s narrative, sadly. You can interact with the body afterward and you will then need to make one of the series’ famous Paragon/Renegade dialogue choices.

  • He deserves a Burial – Paragon
  • We can’t help him now – Neutral
  • Forget about him – Renegade

While Mass Effect is famous for the impact that choices can have, in this situation, there is no way around it and Jenkins simply dies as part of the story.