Can you save Grunt in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition?

A loyal party member.

Image via Bioware

During the final installment of the Mass Effect trilogy, Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition features a final farewell for several members. Not all of them survive their journey to the end, and Shepard has to make the decision to watch some of them perish as they attempt to leave this world completing all of their unfinished business. When attempting to complete the mission Attican Traverse: Krogan Team for the leader of the Krogan Clans aboard Shepard’s ship, Grunt can lead this team if he survives the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2, but he could die during this mission.

There are two ways for Grunt to survive this mission. The first method is to ensure you always pick to save Aralakh Company, the Krogan team scouting the area for Rachni activity. By choosing this method, you’re going to make sure that the team survives, along with Grunt. However, your better choice is to choose the Rachni Queen, so long as it’s the same Rachni Queen from Mass Effect 1, and it’s not a new one. If you killed the Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 1, you’re better off letting the new one the Reapers created to its death and saving Aralakh Company.

When choosing the Rachni Queen to survive, Aralakh Company is forced to stay behind to help give the Rachni Queen an escape route, buying her team to get away. While all of the members perish for this, Grunt is the only to survive, but only if you completed his loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2. If you did not complete the loyalty mission, and he does survive Mass Effect 2, he will perish on this mission. You want to make sure you complete that loyalty mission. There’s no way to go back. You’d have to start over, and rewrite the save from Mass Effect 2 to make sure Grunt survives in Mass Effect 3.

The Rachni Queen choice is typically the best option, so long as it’s the same one from Mass Effect 1. You receive more war asset points for her, and for her having Grunt survive the operation.