Can you tame Frogs in Minecraft? Answered

Can you have a hoppy friend?

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Frogs are a passive mob you can find while exploring your Minecraft world. These creatures come in multiple colors, depending on where they’re born and where you raise them. You can choose to breed them to add to your farm or find them in the wild while exploring swamps or mangrove swamps. Can you tame Frogs in Minecraft?

Can you tame frogs?

Although you can breed frogs to create multiple different colors in your Minecraft, you cannot tame them as you would a wolf. However, frogs are a passive mob, meaning they will not directly attack you when you first encounter them. Instead, they will defend themselves using their tongue when provoked if they have to or when they see a slime or a Magma Cube nearby.

Don’t expect to do anything too special with frogs because you cannot tame them. You can place them in a fenced area and breed them to create multiple frogs on your property, especially if you’re trying to get all colors of the Froglights, as each colored Frog gives you a different colored Froglight.

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When you want to breed Frog, you can give it a Slimeball. It’s a favorite treat for these animals, and they will follow you around if you carry these around. That’s the only way they will follow your character in the game, and you want to have a few Slimeballs on hand if you plan to try breeding the frogs to try and make green, white, or orange colored ones.