Can you tame Pandas in Minecraft? Answered

How to get the cuddliest of friends.

Image via Minecraft Wiki

Everyone knows that you can build all sorts of things in Minecraft. The fun doesn’t stop there though — you can craft, explore, garden, and much more in that sandbox world. It follows that you can also tame some animals as well. They can be simple pets, like some birds for example, or they can be useful animals like pigs and horses. But what if you wanted to tame something that’s a bit out there? For instance, maybe you want to tame a Panda bear. Below, we have collected the exact steps you’ll need to make that happen.

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Where to find a Panda in Minecraft

Pandas have been added to Minecraft as a rare neutral mob. They fall into the bear category of animals and can be found lazing about Jungle, Bamboo Jungle, and Sparse Jungle biomes. They can be most often found in groups that number two or three Pandas. Pandas can be of several different personality types:

  • Normal Panda
  • Lazy Panda
  • Worried Panda
  • Playful Panda
  • Aggressive Panda
  • Weak Panda
  • Brown Panda
Image via Minecraft Wiki

How to tame a Panda in Minecraft

Just like taming most other animals in Minecraft, the approach is pretty simple. To tame them, you have to approach them carefully and offer them their favorite food item. Luckily, there are two options when it comes to taming Pandas.

The first option is to offer your chosen Panda some Bamboo. To do this, approach the Panda carefully and drop Bamboo in front of it. The Panda will then pick it up and eat it. Keep repeating the process until you see hearts start to pop up from the Panda. That means that you’ve successfully tamed that Panda.

The other option is a little bit weirder but just as effective. Instead of Bamboo, you can also use Cake to tame a Panda. The process is the same as previously described. Once those hearts appear, then you can pat yourself on the back. You’ve successfully tamed your first Panda in Minecraft.