Can you tame striders in Minecraft?

Make the Nether feel like your home away from home.

Striders are a creature you can find the Nether in your Minecraft world. These passive spawns wander around the dark terrain, bouncing around, impervious to lava, and with a saddle, you can ride them around the Nether. While you can ride the creature, are you able to tame them like other creatures? Not exactly. You can’t tame a stride like you would a wolf, fox, cat, or the other animals. But there is a way you can control them to follow you around.

How you control them is by using their favorite type of food, the warped fungus. You can find the warped fungus in the warped forest biome, which looks like an eerie blue area in the Nether. The warped fungus looks like a blue mushroom with orange dots on it. Harvest these items and then craft them with a fishing rod to create a warped fungus on a stick. Using this item, you can lure and guide striders to follow you around. While riding them, you use it like you would the carrot on a stick for pigs.

However, while striders are passive, this does not tame them. It only encourages them to follow your direction while riding them, and you can lure them around. You cannot tame them like other animals in Minecraft. 

Striders are pretty easy to find, and if you were to create a pen in the Nether, you can box them into an area and use them however you wish, especially when keeping one in a single location with a saddle. You can attempt to breed two striders by feeding them warped fungus, and the parents have a five-minute cooldown until they can breed again. Babies take 20 minutes to fully grow up unless you use warped fungus to speed up the process.