How to Get Latios in a Pokémon Go

Latios has the chance to appear in Pokemon Go, and this guide shows you how can quickly track it down to add it to your collection.

Pokemon Go Latios

Image via Niantic

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Latios is one of the many legendary Pokemon that can appear in Pokemon Go. Like the other legendaries, Latios can only appear during a specific time while playing the game, and that means you need to act fast when it does appear.

Latios won’t appear in the wild. Instead, it’s going to spawn during specific activities, meaning you’ll need to know the best way to track it down and how to bring other Pokemon Go players with you. Without the help of other players, catching Latios can be difficult, and it could escape you. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Latios in Pokemon Go.

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Where to Find Latios in Pokemon Go

Where to find Latios in Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

The only way to catch Latios is to capture it by defeating it in five-star raids, Mega Raids, or earning it as a reward from the Pokemon Go Battle League. Latios is consistently being swapped out for one of the other legendary Pokemon all the time, so you’ll want to pay attention to any Pokemon Go monthly updates or the official website to learn about Latio’s next appearance.

Latios is a Dragon and Psychic-type Pokemon and has higher stats compared to its sister Pokemon, Latias, making it the superior selection. It has better stats and a much stronger moveset, making it the optimal choice if you plan to use it in other five-star raids, against players in the Master League, or when defeating Team Rocket in Pokemon Go.

Outside of five-star raids, Latios will not be available in Pokemon Go. This is one of the largest reasons you want to be quick when you learn Latios is appearing in these raids, or if you can find Mega Latios raids. However, between the two, the standard five-star raids featuring Latios are much easier to complete on your own. Mega Latios raids are much more difficult, and you may have to rely on other Pokemon Go players to complete them. Finishing these raids provides you with a Latios encounter at the end, and Mega Raids also reward you with Mega Latios energy.

After you’ve added Latios to your collection, feel free to begin powering it up and getting it ready for the Master League in Pokemon Go. Latios is best used for the Master League so it can unleash its full power, allowing you to take out some of the stronger opponents you’ll face off against.