How to Get Kyogre in Pokémon Go

Kyogre appears every so often as a reward in Pokemon Go, and this guide shows you how you can get one to add to your collection.

How to get Kyogre in Pokemon Go

Image via the Pokémon Company

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You can catch Kyogre in Pokemon Go, adding one of the best legendary Pokemon to your collection. The way you go about catching Kyogre is specific, and you only ever have a limited amount of time to catch it, where you might need other players to help you out.

Because of the limited ways you can track down Kyogre, my best recommendation is to stay on top of any current events in Pokemon Go and have a raid team ready. Raiding is one of the best ways to track down Kyogre, and that means working alongside other Pokemon Go players. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Kyogre in Pokemon Go.

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Where to Find Kyogre in Pokemon Go

Where to get Kyogre in Pokemon Go
Image via Niantic

The only way to catch Kyogre is through five-star raids in Pokemon Go. These raids appear for a limited time, and five-star raids regularly rotate out legendary Pokemon, which means Kyogre won’t be there forever.

You will want to act quickly when you find out Kyogre is appearing in five-star raids. The amount of time it can appear in these raids varies for each event in Pokemon Go. However, you might also get lucky for a chance to catch Kyogre in Primal Kyogre raids, as well. At the end of a Primal Kyogre raid, not only do you get a chance to catch a regular Kyogre, but you’ll earn Primal Kyogre energy. The activity is similar to the Mega Raids that appear in Pokemon Go.

Outside of five-star raids and Primal Kyogre raids, there’s no effective way to catch this Pokemon. It won’t appear in the wild, and Niantic seldom offers it as a reward for completing Special Research tasks in Pokemon Go. Kyogre appears relatively often in Pokemon Go as a five-star raid reward, close to once or twice a year, depending on the many events that occur in the mobile game. You can also get lucky if another Pokemon Go player wants to trade you one, but I wouldn’t count on this happening too often.

If you want to stay on top of these events, I urge you to frequently visit the Pokemon Go website or the Pokemon Go twitter, where the team regularly offers insight into the upcoming raids. However, they only give monthly notices of when a new raid will happen and what legendary Pokemon they’re going to feature. The more often to keep up with the Pokemon Go team, the better chances you have of tracking down Kyogre to add it to your collection.