Celeste All Difficulty Levels Unlock Guide | Secret Tape Locations & More

Celeste is the winner of the Indie Game of the Year for 2018, and in the next period, it will get a free DLC with a bunch of new levels.

The developer has announced that you can unlock these new contents only if you have already beaten the hardest difficulty in the game.

Celeste How to unlock all difficulty leves

Celeste has a lot of secrets that you need to unlock to reach the hardest difficulty level in each Chapter.

How to unlock all difficulty levels

Some Tapes allows you to open the “hard mode” on each Chapter, there are Crystals Hearts that allow you to unlock the final “secret” chapter and there is a C-Version of each Chapter, unlockable by beating the “hard mode” in each one. Are you ready?

All Tapes And Where To Find Them

Firstly you need to unlock the B-Side (hard mode) of each chapter by collecting the secret tapes in each one.

Check the list below to see where you can find them! Be careful: all locations are much easy to reach, but get the Tape on its area is very tricky: you need a lot of trials and error.

Tape 1

You can get it in the area below. You need to move the block and go through the secret passage. Easy, uh?


Tape 2

You can get it in the second chapter dashing in the area below. It is more comfortable than the first so that you can get it without trouble.


Tape 3

The third tape is maybe the easiest to reach. You need to go to the secret area below. Pretty simple.


Tape 4

Chapter 4 is one of the most difficult in the game, but this tape is pretty easy to get. You need to go to the “secret” area from the cloud platforms screen. Follow the arrow in the image below.


Tape 5

In Chapter 5 you need to get this area (go through the level) and access to the secret passage in the red circle.


Tape 6

The Tape 6 is one of the most challenging tapes because you need to destroy the wall in the red circle with the block. Although it seems easy, trust me, it isn’t at least.

tape 6

Tape 7

To get this Tape, you only need to reach the secret area with the passage in the image below. Too easy, uh?


Tape 8

You need to complete chapter 8. The tape in on your path!

How To Unlock Chapter 8 And Its Difficulty

In Celeste, there are Crystal Hearts, some collectibles that allow you to unlock Chapter 8 and all of its difficulty level.

There are blue Crystal Hearts (you can found their location here -INSERT LINK HERE-) that allow you to unlock Chapter 8.

In each B-Side levels, you can obtain the red Crystal Hearts (one at the end of each B-Side) that allow you to unlock the B-Side of Chapter 8.

C-Side Levels

C-Side Levels is your final step: the C-Side. If you beat it, you are a God, and you can unlock the free DLC contents when them come online.

To unlock the C-Side in every level need. Complete the B-Side of every Celeste’s level. Yes. It’s painful.