Century: Age of Ashes Packs Explained

Know which one is best for you.


Image via Playwing

Developer Playwing has added a set of starter packs to Century: Age of Ashes. However, it’s not entirely clear which pack offers the best deal for players just starting their dragon dogfighting journey. This guide explains what each pack contains to help you make an informed decision as to which is best for you.

Fellow Pack

The Fellow Pack is the cheapest pack at $42.42/£32.09, but it also offers the least to get you started. This pack contains the following:

  • One Epic dragon for the Marauder class: Syggian Freinges
  • One Epic dragon for the Windguard class: Svingrinen Storm
  • Two Legendary helmets
  • Two Epic weapons
  • 1,000 Gems
  • One 3-day XP booster
  • One exclusive Legendary banner
  • One exclusive Legendary player title
  • One exclusive Legendary player icon
  • One exclusive Legendary player background

Zealot Pack

The Zealot Pack is the mid-range pack costing $53.13/£40.19. This pack offers the best deal but doesn’t have as many exclusive items as the Arisen Pack. However, it does include everything from the Fellow Pack, ensuring you still get all of the content from that offer.

  • All Fellow Pack cosmetics
  • One Epic rider item set for the Phantom class
  • 2,000 Gems
  • One 14-day XP Booster
  • Two exclusive Legendary banners
  • Two exclusive Legendary player titles
  • Two exclusive Legendary player icons
  • Two exclusive Legendary backgrounds

Arisen Pack

The Arisen Pack contains everything from both the Fellow and Arisen Packs. At $63.70/£48.19, it’s the most expensive pack by far, but it also offers the most for players willing to invest in the game seriously.

  • All Fellow and Arisen cosmetics
  • One random Legendary dragon for the Phantom class
  • 3,000 Gems
  • One 30-day XP Booster
  • Three exclusive Legendary banners
  • Three exclusive Legendary player titles
  • Three exclusive Legendary player icons
  • Three exclusive Legendary backgrounds