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Chaos and Order Dragon Shrines in Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5, explained

Pray to the dragons above for a good hoard.

Dragon shrines were a staple of Teamfight Tactics Set 7. Whenever you got to these shiny treasures, you got to plunder their draconic riches. This is where many players got the final pieces to their best items, turning their powerful units into hyper carries. In Set 7.5, these dragon shrines got a little shinier. Not only do you have basic shrines, but you also have a chance to get Chaos and Order shrines, too. But what does that mean?

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How do these new shrines in Set 7.5 work?

When you get to the fourth round of a TFT game, you end it by visiting the dragon shrine. At this time, you have a 60% chance to get an Order or Chaos shrine instead of the basic version. Whichever one you end up with, the seven other players in your game get the same kind of shrine. While here, you’ll be offered a handful of treasures (3-5 gifts). If you aren’t satisfied with your options, just hit the reroll button (it costs a measly one gold).

However, don’t try meta-gaming the shrines. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what kind of shrine you might get until you reach 4-7. For example, relying on a Chaos shrine to give you your twelfth and final Lagoon emblem might go badly for you. Sure, you’ll still have great items from the other shrine, but you might be stuck with an incomplete build.

What’s the difference between Chaos and Order shrines?

Chaos and Order shrines aren’t just cosmetically different. While the Order shrine is golden and the Chaos is shrouded in deep purple, they also offer different items. Chaos shrines are all about variety (AKA chaos). Players can get Target Dummies, Ornn Artifacts, emblems, and more. On the other hand, Order shrines are more deliberate. They offer the normal fare (reforgers, magnetic removers, item components) as well as game-changing Radiant items. These items come from Set 5. They are similar to fully-combined items, except they do bonus effects. For example, a Radiant Bloodthirster also gives a percentage health shield.

Lucky for you, no matter which kind of shrine you get, it’ll be an amazing boon for your board.

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