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How Dragon Shrines work in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7

Pray to your local Aurelion Sol for the best items in the game.

With each new Set in Teamfight Tactics, there are big changes to the champions and the game itself. In Set 6, it was the addition of the well-loved Hextech Augments. In Set 7, one of these big changes is the Dragon Shrine. Instead of fighting raptors in the third round anymore, players will instead find themselves at the Dragon Shrine. It’s a stone dragon wrapped around a beautiful blue gem. Here, a shop-like screen will pop up and players will get immediate items from a large treasure trove instead of fighting a handful of “chickens.”

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What do you get from Dragon Shrines?

When at the Dragon Shrine, you get offered a whole host of cool items in the Dragon Shrine’s 5 slotted “shop.” The three slots that won’t change are:

  • One completed item
  • At least two item components

Then there are a few items that can show up as the other two slots of the Dragon Shrine but aren’t guaranteed:

  • Neeko’s Help
  • Magnetic Remover
  • Reforger
  • Loaded Dice
  • Bonus item component
  • Money

Just like orbs, you have to walk over your eventual dragon haul, so don’t forget to move your Little legend atop the large blue and white swirling orb in the center of your screen. That’s how to get to access your Dragon Shrine items ASAP instead of three rounds later. Don’t feel embarrassed — absent-minded TFT playing happens to the best of us.

Rerolling at the Dragon Shrines

However, you can reject this shop if you don’t like it. Say, you get a bunch of tank items like Gargoyle’s Stoneplate, Thornmail, or Giant’s Belt, but your important tanks are already stacked and you need to carry items for a mage or a cannoneer. You can hit the reroll button and pay one gold to change up your shop. Hopefully, you’ll get exactly what you want, but you can hit it again if you don’t. Theoretically, you could spend 50 gold for the perfect items in your Dragon Shrine.

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