What’s in the Gold Pass in Clash of Clans – October 2020

Set sail for the Gold Pass.

Image via Supercell

Another month, another Clash of Clans Gold Pass as we begin to come to the end of the Summer. That means more gold, elixir, dark elixir, and extra goodies for you to add to your coffers, regardless of whether you have paid for the pass or not.

The $5 Gold Pass is still one of the best value deals if you’re a regular player. Up to 20% off time and resources for buildings, upgrades, and players and extra resources for those that like to attack other villages frequently. There’s plenty of runes for resources earlier in the pass this month, and even bigger season bank to hoard all that treasure too.

It also comes with cool exclusive skin, and this month continues that pirate theme as the Warden gets the skin treatment this month, complete with a green parrot on his shoulder and a blunderbuss replacing his usual staff. Here’s what’s in the Gold Pass for October 2020 in Clash of Clans.

Challenge PointsFree PassGold Pass
401 Gem Donations
805,000 Dark ElixirBook of Building
12010% Builder Boost (reduces building upgrade time and cost by 10%)
160500,000 GoldBook of Fighting
20010% Research Boost (reduces cost and Laboratory research time by 10%)
260500,000 ElixirBook of Spells
32010% Training Boost (reduces cost training time by 10%)
380Clockwork Tower Potion6 x Wall Ring
440Bigger Season Bank (increases to 10m Gold & Elixir, 100k Dark Elixir)
50010,000 Dark ElixirRune of Builder Elixir
58015% Research Boost (increased from 10%)
6601,000,000 GoldHero Potion
74015% Training Boost (increased from 10%)
8201,000,000 ElixirPower Potion
90015% Builder Boost (increased from 10%)
980Hero Potion2 x Research Potions
1060Bigger Season Bank (increases to 15m Gold & Elixir, 150k Dark Elixir)
114015,000 Dark Elixir2x Training Potion
122020% Research Boost (increased from 15%)
13001,500,000 Gold2 x Resource Potion
140020% Training Boost (increased from 15%)
15001,500,000 ElixirBuilder Potion
160020% Builder Boost (increased from 15%)
1700Power Potion6 x Wall Ring
1850Bigger Season Bank (increases to 20m Gold & Elixir, 200k Dark Elixir)
2000800,000 Builder GoldRune of Elixir
2150Rune of Gold
2300800,000 Builder ElixirRune of Dark Elixir
2450Bigger Season Bank (increases to 25m Gold & Elixir, 250k Dark Elixir)
2600Book of HeroesUnlocks the Pirate Warden Skin