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The best Super Troops in Clash of Clans

Take your army to the next level.

Since 2020, Clash of Clans has offered Super Troops. As you’ll learn by just reading their names, these are souped-up versions of standard units. There are 14 in total, but some are more useful than others and really set themselves apart from the pack.

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Once you reach Town Hall Level 11, you can start boosting your units to turn them into Super Troops, but which ones should you go for? We’ve made a list of the seven best ones here, representing exactly half of all Super Troops in the game. They’re listed in alphabetical order.

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Inferno Dragon

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This upgraded version of the Baby Dragon is great in the air because it can destroy buildings pretty quickly with its fire beam. Inferno Dragons focus on buildings when attacking, only stopping to fire at others if they get attacked. Keep them in the air while you fight on the ground, and you’ll be in good shape.

Sneaky Goblin

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When Goblins get stronger, they get sneakier. If you’re going after a Town Hall, then Sneaky Goblins are a must-have: you can load them into a Battle Blimp while they’re invisible and drop them right onto the hall, Trojan Horse style. Given their thieving nature, they also do extra damage to storage buildings.

Super Dragon

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We’ve got both baby and adult dragons on this list. The Super Dragon’s fire breath does very high damage to buildings, and if you boost one with a Rage spell (one of the best spells in the game), you can take out some structures in a single attack. Make sure you don’t let the Super Dragon fly alone, though — keep defenses on the ground to support this giant flaming target.

Super Minion

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On the defensive side, Super Minions are a great choice for protecting your base. They have a far range and high damage output, and if you give them the aforementioned Rage spell, they’ll shred through your enemies even faster. On the front lines, you can use those same launchers to take down buildings from mid-range.

Super Wall Breaker

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It’s in the name: if you’re bum-rushing buildings, then the Super Wall Breaker is for you. They don’t go down as quickly as their previous Wall Breaker form, and they detonate their bomb upon death even if they don’t reach their target. Super Troops aren’t usually meant for spamming, but the Super Wall Breaker can put your opponent on the defensive very quickly.

Super Witch / Big Boy

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The Super Witch might as well be upgraded to a hero at this point. Her sole purpose is to summon Big Boy, a massive skeleton that can tank for your other troops. This makes her one of the most versatile Super Troops, as the Big Boys make for both good attackers and defenders. Just make sure to keep her defended. Despite the powerful summons, she’s not the sturdiest fighter.

Super Wizard

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Super Wizards are in a similar boat with low HP, but they can hit a ton of targets with their magic — up to 10 at once. They can also turn invisible, so dropping them off with a Battle Blimp and then flipping the switch to hide them can be a very effective strategy. Give them a dose of the ever-popular Rage spell and they can create a kill funnel all on their own.

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