Mission 1 The Cleaner Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign begins with Mission 1: The Cleaner walkthrough – It starts with the detention of Commander Iden Versio, who is captain of Empire’s special operation team Inferno Squad. She is captive at Invincible Faith Rebel Security Cruiser, and to escape you will be first using a Droid to unlock doors and to kill soldiers with an electric shock.

Battlefront 2 Prologue

Mission 1 The Cleaner Walkthrough

Locate the Commander:

Once the cutscene is over, you will have to control a droid, to free the commander. Fly on the right end, there are two computers, use the one on right to locate the commander.

Cellblock 1

Reach the Cellblock:

Next get to the door and fly above it, it will give you access to the ventilation system, fly through that, wait for the sparks to end, and exit the ventilation system. Once you are out, keep moving ahead, after opening the first door you will spot two guards. This will also offer you the Stealth tutorial, you can use it to take down the guards. Follow the marker and ahead you will spot a bunch of guards. Fly up quietly to enter the ventilation system once again. You will each towards a huge window, scan the area for guards around.

Deactivate Lockdown:

Next, you have to fly quietly without getting noticed and access the terminal to stop lockdown. The next marker will take you to the commander through the ventilation system. Next, you will be controlling commander Iden Versio.

Reach Communication Center

Reach the Communicating Center:

Without creating much noise you have to quietly move towards the communication center. You can use Droid Shock to target more than one guard. Use the Droid to unlock the doors. The next marker will also give you a weapon, you can switch between first and third person accordingly to adjust for best suitable gameplay. After dealing with all the guards in your path, you will reach the Communicating Center where you have to gather intel.

Reach the MC80 Airlock:

After the siren, a lot of soldiers will appear, in the room on the right you can get weapons, use it to clear the path as you head towards the airlock. Once you reach there the airlock use the Droid to unlock the door which will take some time. you will have to stay there and fight the guards. Scan for getting the guards locations so that you can take a position to kill them. Shoot the door panels to close them, so that you won’t be followed.

Once commander Iden Versio escapes the ship, Mission 1: The Cleaner ends. You can read our walkthrough of next Mission 2: Battle Of Endor or you can also read our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki for more updates on the game.