How to beat Cobalion in Pokémon Go – Weaknesses, counters, strategies

Add this legendary Pokémon to your roster.

Image via Niantic

Cobalion is one of the three swords of justice Pokémon in the game. It’s a legendary Pokémon, and to catch in Pokémon Go, you need to capture it by participating in a five-star raid during exclusive times. Trainers can expect to battle it from November 16 to the 24 to celebrate the connection between Pokémon Go and Pokémon Home. It will be available alongside the other sword of justice legendaries, Terrakion and Virizon.

Cobalion weaknesses

Cobalion is a Steel and Fighting-type Pokémon, making it weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type attacks. Cobalion is a reasonably robust Pokémon, meaning you may want to focus on hurting its defenses as much as possible. It has a variety of resistances, making it a tough fight. You want to avoid using Dark, Dragon, Grass, Ice, Normal, and Steel-type moves, and you especially want to avoid using any Bug, Poison, or Rock-type attacks against it.

Pokémon to counter Cobalion

Because of Cobalion’s exclusive weaknesses, and a variety of resistances, your prime choices include Mega Y Charizard, Darmanitan, and Chandelure.

For those who want to use your Mega Charizard energy, now’s a great time to use Mega Y Charizard. It’s a powerful Fire-type and Flying-type Pokémon capable of giving your allies a boost in battle, and it’s a great choice against Cobalion. It has a maximum CP of 4,445, an attack of 319, a defense of 212, and stamina of 186. The best moves it can learn include wing attack for its fast move, and blast burn and dragon claw for its charge attacks.

Another choice is Darmanitan, another Fire-type Pokémon. It’s a fearsome opponent capable of doing a lot of damage, but unfortunately, it does lack in overall defenses. You’ll want to use this as your starter choice, or wait until somewhere in the middle of the raid. You don’t want to use it for your final Pokémon due to its sustainability issues. It has a maximum CP of 3,105, an attack of 263, a defense of 114, and stamina of 233. Its best moves include incinerate for its fast move, and then rock slide and overheat for its charge moves.

The final optimal choice is Chandelure, a Ghost and Fire-type Pokémon. It has max maximum CP of 3,268, an attack of 271, a defense of 182, and stamina of 155. It’s also resistant to Fighting and Steel-type attacks, meaning Cobalion will have a lot of trouble using any STAB attacks against it. The best moves to use during this raid include incinerate for its fast move, and for its charge moves, you want to use shadow ball and flame charge.

These Pokémon are not your only options against this formidable fight. You can also use Groudon, Garchomp, Heatran, Moltres, Blaziken, Flareon, Machamp, Rhyperior, Typhlosion, Hariyama, Arcanine, and many others. Several Fire-type favorites are missing from this, but almost any Pokémon with Fire-type moves available to it will deal severe damage to this legendary Pokémon.