Code Vein: How To Do Multiplayer


Code Vein is out, and you enjoy the new game right now on Steam, PlayStation 4, or the Xbox One. The game features intense combat with an artistic flair. For those who played titles like Bloodborne or Dark Souls, you’re going to fit right in with this game. Code Vein also includes multiplayer. Players can work together to take down dangerous foes, alongside a helpful companion.

How to do Multiplayer in Code Vein

To get the Co-Op working Code Vein, you need to send out a distress signal. You can do this from the menu screen in your game. When you send a distress signal out, you’re going to have to wait for someone to answer it. This process can take a bit of time, and some players have said they have difficulty sending a particular distress signal out with no one answering it.

When someone enters your game, they cannot start a boss fight for you. They need to wait until you engage the enemy, and then they can fight. Additionally, if you drop something in the world, your guest cannot pick it up. However, the guest can pick up anything the boss drops in their instance. It’s not going to take from your world. Instead, having a guest there with you increases the chances of the two of you acquiring new, better loot. It’s encouraged to play with other players.

If you want to join someone else’s game, you’re going to need to look for their distress signal in the menu. You’re going to view the same menu you’d browse through if you were to send out a signal. Any progress you make in the game gets saved to the host’s world, not to yours. If you jump into someone’s game hours ahead of yours, the world is not going to progress, even if you beat a boss.

Some areas do not allow multiplayer, and if you send out a distress signal and venture into these areas, the call is going to go down. Make sure you remain in the multiplayer available regions.