Does Code Vein have Multiplayer?


Code Vein is going to be out in a short amount of time. You can’t jump into the game right now and experience the title in all of its vampire, Dark Souls glory, but it’s nearly here. The title is a unique twist on the franchise. For those curious and wondering if there’s going to be any amount of multiplayer in the game, you’re correct in asking the question. Previous Dark Souls games have included multiplayer, such as players helping others out or invading them if they have a specific item activated.

Does Code Vein have Multiplayer?

Yes, you’re going to have a multiplayer feature in Code Vein. The feature is going to allow players to jump into the game and assist one another when engaging fierce enemies. During these portions of the game, players are going to face against a significantly strong enemy. To make this task easier, players can bring in other players to assist them during this area.

However, for those who want to remain offline while playing the game, it’s not going to make these situations completely difficult. Throughout your time in the game, you’re going to have an AI-partner there with you helping you. If you want to remain offline, you and your partner are going to tackle these challenges with each other. When you’re online, you’re going to have your character, your companion, and the assisting player’s character with you. That’s a total of three characters all facing a powerful enemy.

You have the option to leave the AI-companion behind, especially for players who are interested in getting a challenge when they play the game.

Code Vein is going to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Steam on Sept. 27.