Complete Minecraft Enchantment catalogue — Every enchantment for each category

Here are all of the enchantments you can find in Minecraft.

You can enhance your character’s attributes and gear in Minecraft using enchantments on your weapons and equipment. Each enhancement significantly augments that item, giving you a distinct advantage in the game. Many of them give you additional benefits for battle or make it easier to travel around the environment. In this guide, we’re going to cover the complete Minecraft Enchantment catalogue for every enchantment for each category in the game.

All Minecraft enchantments

Not all of them work on every item, so you might be unable to place enchantments on every piece of equipment. Many of your items require you use an enchantment book or anvil to place them on an item while playing in Survival Mode. Each enchantment has a maximum amount of levels they can reach, and the higher level of enchantment you use, the stronger the spell for your equipment.

EnchantmentDescriptionMax LevelEnchanting TableEnchantment Book and Anvil
Aqua Affinity Increases underwater mining speed. 1Helmet. Turtle Shell
Bane of Antrhopods Increases damage to anthropods, and it’s exclusive with enchantments smite and sharpness5SwordAx
Blast ProtectionReduces explosion damage and knockdown. Mutually exclusive amongst other protection enchantments4Helmet. Chest. Leggings. Boots. Turtleshell
ChoppingYou have increased damage and shield stunning. Mutually exclusive with bane of arthropods, sharpness, and smite3Ax
ChannelingUsing a Trident, you can cast down a bolt of lightning at a target. It only works during thunderstorms and if the target is not blocked from the sky1Trident
Curse of BindingPrevents removal of items from armor slots1All armor
Curse of Vanishing
(Java edition)
The item is destroyed when you die1All items
Depth StriderIncreases your movement underwater. Mutually exclusive with the enchantment, frost walker3Boots
EfficiencyIncreases your mining speed. When applied to an ax, it increases the chance of potentially stunning a target with a shield5Pickax. Shovel. Ax Shears
Feather FallingReduces your fall damage when you land from enormous heights4Boots
Fire AspectYour attack sets an enemy on fire2Sword
Fire ProtectionReduces the amount of fire damage you take and how long you burn. Mutually exclusive amongst other protection enchantments4Helmet. Chest. Leggings. Boots. Turtle Shell
FlameYour arrows now set your enemies on fire1Bow
FortuneIncreases the potential for certain blocks to drop. Mutually exclusive with the silk touch enchantment3Pickax. Shovel. Ax
Frost WalkerYou now turn the water beneath you into frost ice. Mutually exclusive with the depth strider enchantment2Boots
ImpalingYour trident now deals additional damage against those that naturally spawn in the ocean region5Trident
InfinityWhenever you fire your bow you consume none of your regular arrows1Bow
KnockbackIncreases the knockback against enemies when you hit them2Sword
LootingYou have increased chances of random loot from the mobs you encounter while using the weapon3Sword
LoyaltyAfter you throw your trident at an enemy, it returns to you. Mutually exclusive with the enchantment, riptide3Trident
Luck of the SeaYou have higher chances of random loot while fishing3Fishing pole
LureYou don’t have to wait as long for items to catch on your fishing line3Fishing pole
MendingWhenever you receive experience orbs, it repairs the item with this enchantment while you are holding it. You cannot combine this item with infinity.1All Items
MultishotYou now shoot three arrows at a time instead of one, but you can only pick up one1Crossbow
PiercingYour arrows now go through enemies after they hit4Crossbow
Projectile ProtectionYou have reduced damage from projectile attacks. Mutually exclusive with other protection-based enchantments4Helmet. Chest. Leggings. Boots. Turtle Shell
ProtectionYou have reduced damage from all forms of attacks by four percent for every enchantment level. Mutually exclusive with other protection-based enchantments4 Helmet. Chest. Leggings. Boots. Turtle Shell
PunchIncreases the knockback you do with bows2Bow
Quick ChargeIt doesn’t take as long for your crossbow to charge3Crossbow
RespirationYou have an extended amount of time to breathe underwater3Helmet. Turtle Shell
RiptideYour trident now launches you through the water. It can only work while you in the water, or it’s raining. Mutually exclusive with the channeling and loyalty enchantments3Trident
SharpnessYou have increased damaged while fighting5Sword. Ax
Silk TouchAny blocks you mined drop themselves. Mutually exclusive with the enchantment, fortune1Pickax. Shovel. AxShears
SmiteYou do increased damage to the undead5Sword. Ax
Sweeping Edge
(Java Edition)
You have increased sweeping attack damage3Sword
ThornsSome of the damage you take is reflected back at the enemy3ChestHelmet. Leggings. Boots. Turtle Shell
UnbreakingIncreases the durability of the item3All items