Conan Exiles: All Religion facts and Teachers Location with Map


Conan Exiles offer you 4 religions at the beginner and later it would go up to 7. The first 4 religion you can play with are Crom, Mitra, Yog and Set. Each of them has their own God that favors the follower in the game. You can select one religion at the beginning, and it is also possible to worship all Gods for more favors. If you plan to go with multiple Gods, then it is necessary to place altars at a decent distant from each other, because these Gods can be jealous if they are kept close, you will have to go for big settlements for worshipping them.

Conan Exiles Religion Tips

Things to consider:

  • Take one religion at start, not Crom because it offers you nothing, you can start with Mitra. According to the map below follow the location of priest of two other relations and learn their religions also.
  • You need to work a lot in order to summon an avatar. So it is necessary that you use it when needed, also the player is vulnerable when he/she summons avatar. A huge beam of light marks the position of who summoned and any attacker can kill to stop the avatar.
  • Avatars are big and they have low pace. If you are having a huge base with lot of things at distant locations, you can face low damage. The avatar takes time to move from one place to another and they appear for a limited time.
  • Those who do not want avatars, can turn off the same through server settings.

List of all religion in Conan Exiles and their avatars:

Crom “God who requires no worship” – This first religion is for those who do not want to enter into the same, and it has no avatar. So this is good enough when you are willing to explore the game alone without any favor.

Conan Exiles Religion Crom

Set “God of Serpents and Sacrifice” – This one offers you a favor from old serpent who appears when summons. The player has to perform certain set of sacrifices for the same. The religion offers players protection from poison attacks from spiders in cave by making anti-poison. Also you get an ability to turn Snakes into Arrows.

Conan Exiles Religion Set

Yog “God of Cannibals” – You will need to sacrifice human flesh to get favor from this god. It blesses its follower with weapons and armors. You get biscuits for health re-generation and increase food self life.

Conan Exiles Religion Yog

Mitra “God of rights and Justice” – The God offers its followers to create sacred statues, clothing, weapons, and healing.

Conan Exiles Religion Mitra

List of all religion Teachers in Conan Exiles:

Conan Exiles Religion Priest

Priest or religion teachers are required, to get access to their religion and so you can move ahead with the god’s favors or even summon avatars in the battle. Below is the map with the location of three of different religions.

  1. Nunu the Cannibal – Teacher Acolyte of Yog
  2. Mek-composes – Teacher Acolyte of Set
  3. Jamila the Pirate Queen – Teacher Acolyte of Mitra

Conan Exiles All priest map locations:

Conan Exiles Priest Location

If you had selected Crom, then you can go ahead with all three religions Yog, Set, and Mitra by following the map above. You can start with Yog that is to the south of map below near the river, the second one Set is on the north side and the last one Mitra is in the western region.

How to gain Gods Favor in Conan Exile:

After getting all the religions and once you are done settling down the altars you can gain Gods favor separately from each god.

  • For Set, you will need to use Setite Ritual Knife, to collect human hearts. You have to bring them to the altar to gain favor.
  • For Yog, you have to use the cleaver to harvest human flesh and then putting it in the fire of Yog altar.
  • For Mitra, you have to use Mitraen Ankh to gather Lingering Essence of dead bodies and then offer it at the altar of Mitra.