Control: How to get through the Ashtray Maze


The Ashtray Maze in Remedy’s Control is a confusing series of hallways and rooms. With seemingly no end, players can find themselves going in circles within the labyrinth. How are players supposed to reach the end of a nearly infinite maze?

The Ashtray Maze is accessible pretty early on in the game. It’s easy to have a desire to explore. It grabs new players and doesn’t let them out without the right conditions. Luckily, Gamers Heroes and Game Revolution reported on this exact thing.

Ashtray Maze: What is it?

The Ashtray Maze has a few other names in the game and the fandom, some which include the Mirror Maze and the Astral Maze. Like something out of an episode of Doctor Who, it’s a maze that resembles a hotel hallway, with rooms, retro wallpaper, soft lighting, and some decorative plants.

According to Game Revolution and Gamers Heroes, the entrance to the maze is very early in the game and doesn’t stop players from entering before they’re ready. While it’s available early, players are not ready until a certain point in the story. Entering too soon causes players to get stuck in an endless loop of repeating hallways.

How to Get Through the Ashtray Maze

The short answer is: wait.

The long answer is in the eighth mission. The player receives an item that allows them to reach the end of the maze with ease. If that answer is vague, it’s because there’s a lot of spoilers involved. Know that if you’re in the labyrinth too early, you can’t reach the end. Wait until you’re tasked to go to the maze and stopped to grab a unique item. It’s all part of the story so you can’t miss it.

While players may want to explore every aspect of the game early, try not to fall prey to the maze and waste time within before the game asks you to.