Control: How to Unlock Every Costume


Jesse is the new Director for the Bureau of Control, but all she has to run around in is her street clothes. Thankfully, there are some suitable outfits for her hidden throughout the game. In this guide, we will show you where to find them all.

Control: How to Unlock Every Costume

Asynchronous Suit

You can find this futuristic-looking outfit during the Self-Reflection mission. The mission takes you to the Synchronicity Lab. Once you solve the Mirror Puzzle, and finish up the subsequent boss fight, you can shatter the glass that previously had been protecting this outfit.

Candidate P7

I try to avoid spoilers here, but as you play through the story, you will get sent to the Prime Candidate Program area. While there, you should be able to see the room for P6 and P7. If you go into the P7 room and check the locker there, you will find this outfit.

Director’s Suit

You will get this outfit when you beat the game’s story, proving that you are indeed the best person for the job.

Janitor’s Assistant

The Oldest House’s Janitor seems to know what is up, but for the most part, he is talking in riddles. He does want you to be his assistant, however. When you meet him early in the game, he will point to a notice board and ask you to help him with jobs that he will post there. Check back from time to time and do whatever jobs get posted. When you do five of them, a sixth job called “Take a Break” unlocks. Complete this mission to get your hands on the latest in janitor chic.

Office Assistant

The Office Assistant outfit first shows up in a dream sequence, but once again, it is something that will be unlocked for you after you finish the story.

There is one other outfit in the game, the Tactical Response outfit, but this is only available as a pre-order bonus.