Control – How To Unlock Telekinesis

The Telekinesis ability in Control is tied to an Object of Power that you can get access to very early in the game. In this guide, we show you how to unlock it.

Control – How To Unlock Telekinesis

Pneumatics Map

During the Unknown Caller mission, you need to make your way to the Communications Department. When you arrive there, head into the hallway to the back left of the room, and you can access the Pneumatics area. The Object of Power is in the back, raised level of the massive room.

Be careful, as it throws out large, highly damaging shards of energy at you. Make your way to the left of the room, behind the pillar. You can check the small room there to find a resource container. Now, make your way quickly across the room and up the stairs, then across the gantry. Be careful, as the energy can easily hit you from this close. Make your way along the gantry, then down and to the right. Stop before the corner, and make sure the Object of Power fires three times, then run to it and interact with it.

You will get teleported to a challenge area to use to the Telekinesis ability. All you need to do is make your way through the level, kill enemies using either Telekinesis or your gun. After you reach the end, you teleport back to the Pneumatics room. There are no enemies in there, but your new ability will easily overcome them.