Control: The Luck Puzzle Solution Guide


With some of the most head-scratching puzzles in a recent history littered throughout the game, Control can cause you to lose your cool when you find yourself confronted by something that doesn’t seem as if it could ever make any sense and nowhere is that truer than with The Luck Puzzle.

When you finally get your Level 05 security clearance, this puzzle becomes available to you. Head to Luck and Probability, and you’ll find a door that you can now open, and when you’re in the room, then you’ll find yourself confronted by the sort of thing that would give Einstein a migraine. That is unless you follow this simple guide and then all the rewards will be yours to rub in your friend’s faces.

Control: The Luck Puzzle Solution

Control Whiteboard

The Elephant: You can’t do anything with the elephant itself, but you do need to make sure that the toy on the desk next to it, is banging into it.

Maneki-neko: Interact with this cat and make sure its paw is moving. You can find it near the office entrance.

Four-leaf clover: This is hanging out in the office in a white planter. Take it into the Experiment Room and put it in the other white planter, next to the TV that shows the roulette wheel scores.

Lightbulbs: In the Experiment Room are four lamps, switch them on.

Horseshoe: You’ll find this inside the office but as it’s already the right way up, then don’t mess with it.

Bronze Koi Fish: This is by the office entrance, and you need to use your Launch power to pick it up. When you’ve got it, take it to the red carpet where the roulette wheel lives and drop it. It needs to be within 2 feet.

When you’ve done all of that then sping the wheel, but make sure that as soon as you do you step off the carpet as the diagram on the whiteboard shows that that is what you need to do. As long as you’ve done everything right then, you should be rewarded with crafting materials, a couple of ability points, and a nice shiny Golden Suit.

If you’ve done something wrong, you’ll know about it because you won’t roll a Lucky 7 and all hell will break loose.