Corinth Prime Build – Warframe

Make a splash.


The Corinth Prime Shotgun has a dual firing mode that sets it apart from many other shotguns in Warframe. It can fire either buckshot or an airburst round that is detonated when the player wishes. It has vastly increased ammo capacity over the standard Corinth, and switches from an automatic airburst round explosion to a player triggered one.

Buckshot rounds have a critical chance of 30 percent, while the airburst round has a critical chance of just four percent. That said, it is still very much worth building into critical chance, as the airburst round is mostly suited to clearing large groups of weaker enemies while the buckshot will cut through tougher individual targets. So, for this build, we are going all-in on critical chance, and damage, so it is important to land those headshots to get the most benefit.

No Forma Build

No Forma Build

No Forma builds are always interesting, as people will often decide on how many Forma they wish to put into a weapon based on its performance without any. Others just want to be able to get through the Star Chart without investing the extra time to Forma their weapons.

The above is a solid build that doesn’t need any Forma to achieve. Most of the mods are also easily obtainable, or available for low Platinum prices, with the exception of Primed Point Plank. That needs a visit from Baro if you haven’t gotten it yet.

Laser Sight will massively improve critical chance on a headshot, and Hell’s Chamber gives us plenty of multishot. Blunderbuss gives a solid critical chance bonus as well, to help us get into that yellow-critical territory.

Toxic Barrage, Chilling Reload, and Hunter Munitions all combine for various benefits. Hunter Munitions gives us increased Slash procs, while the Toxin and Cold damage combine for Viral, cutting enemy health and making them bleed out easier. Chilling Reload also cuts down the three-second reload of the weapon, which is the only real downside to this shotgun.

Vigilante Armaments just provides extra multishot, but also combines with using our Sentinel as a Stat-Stick. Putting as many Vigilante Mods as possible on the Sentinels weapon will provide a decent chance for improved critical hits from the Corinth.

You can realistically expect to two-shot Level 120 Corrupted Heavy Gunners with the above build.

Now, how many Forma you wish to put into the weapon is up to you, but all weapons get better when you sink extra Forma into them. We feel like the reload speed issue of the Corinth is a little overplayed. Yes, it’s a three-second reload, but the original Corinth has a 2.3 second reload, and you need to do it after firing five shots. 0.7 seconds of additional reload for 15 extra shots, and 300% extra uptime means a lot more DPS, so is more than a fair trade in our opinion.

A single Forma would let you trade out Chilling Reload for Freezing Blast, giving you an additional 30 percent Cold damage for your pool of Viral damage. You can also easily change out those elemental mods to suit your own needs if you preferred to go with Corrosive instead.

The Lots of Forma Build

The Corinth is a very solid shotgun, so you might as well go all out with Forma. Once again, you want to lean heavily into critical chance and damage. Toxic Barrage and Primed Charged Shell provide Corrosive damage, while Primed Ravage, Blunderbuss, Primed Point Blank, Hell’s Chamber, and Laser Sight all provide the basis for our critical chance and damage.

The last slot is really a matter of preference. We are lucky enough to have a Corinth Riven, so that gets the final slot, and allows us to one shot Level 120 Corrupted Heavy Gunners, as long as we proc the critical chance bonus from Laser Sight by landing a headshot on a target.

You can put whatever you want in the last slot, depending on the enemies that you will be facing. The Corinth Prime is a very fun weapon, and while it’s not likely to make it into our Endless Endgame loadout, it can still absolutely mince the majority of enemies you will run into, unless you plan on doing some particularly long runs.