Crawfish Caper quest guide – Yakuza: Like a Dragon

It’s a delicious companion.

Not every adventure you partake in Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be a grand tale or an epic story. The Crawfish Caper is a simple quest that can leave you trying to figure out what to do next. It starts on Sunrise Bridge during chapter 5.

You start the quest when you pass a crawfish standing in the middle of the bridge. A cutscene occurs, and it features Kasuga tossing the crawfish down into the river to protect it from being squashed. However, it turns out the homeless man, Ebihara, watched the crawfish and even named it Nancy. Kasuga apologizes for tossing it back, promising to return it to them.

The quest takes you to the right of the bridge, next to a small pier where you can reach the river. You’ll enter the first perspective to investigate the area and try to find the particular crawfish. Nancy had a particular mark on its back, an X. There are several crawfish in this area, but you don’t need to look too far. Instead, look immediately to the right when you enter the investigation mode, and Nancy should be the crawfish closest to the stairs where you entered. You’ll be able to tell you found her by the X on her back.

Once you have her, bring her back to Ebihara. He should have a blue dialogue box on his location next to the bridge. Talk to him, and you’ll trigger a new cutscene where the man accepts Nancy, and he wants to reward you with a large feast. At the end of the cutscene, you’ll learn that the homeless guy had planned to eat Nancy this entire time. Kasuga attempts to sway the man from eating Nancy, and the only thing he wants in exchange for her is a Premium Sushi Set.

Where to find a Premium Sushi Set

There’s no direct indication of where you can purchase this item. The Premium Sushi Set is not a drop, and it’s not an item you’ll pick up from completing other quests. It’s an item you can purchase from one of the shops in Yokohama. The exact shop you need to visit is the Poppo shop at Jinnai Station. You can find it on Jinnai Service Road, at the corner of W. Bayside Street and Hamakaze Street. The Premium Sushi Set is available at the store for 2,000 yen.

After you purchase the item, return to the Ebihara, and you exchange the item for Nancy. With the exchange complete, the quest will end, and you will earn the Nancy-can Poundmates summon.