Creative and fun ideas for decorating your dorm in Rec Room

Five ideas that are all likely to have your friends in awe.

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As small as your dorm room may be in Rec Room, there are countless ways to customize it and truly make it your own. However, with many tools at your disposal, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on that one great and final design. So, to help you figure out what your dorm should look like, here are five ideas that could make your room the talk of the town.

Turn your dorm into a sports complex

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In our opinion, dorms that are the most fun to live in are those that have several interactive inventions for you and friends to play with. So, if you’re able to make something of an indoor sports complex, your room will prove to be an exciting hangout area. We recommend starting this project by using a dorm room skin with at least two floors and then adding items like an arcade basketball hoop, soccer goal, ping pong table, and even a pitching machine. You also don’t want to forget to add multiple balls and baseball bats, so that your friends can play with you.

Show off your Star Wars fandom

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Just by taking a quick peek at the game’s store catalog, it’s easy to tell Star Wars-inspired items come by the dozens — and most at no cost. From Yoda plushies, giant replicas of Jedis, to even lightsabers, there’s no question you will be able to overload your dorm with your favorite cast of characters and items. You can even take it a step further and transform the room into one of the franchise’s iconic locations, such as the Rec Room rendition of Mos Eisley Cantina you see above.

Live inside a paintball arena

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There are plenty of competitive paintball game modes within Rec Room, but what if you could have a gun range all your own to practice in? If this sounds appealing to you, simply head to the store and search “paintball.” You should come across all sorts of weapons, each having their own neon paint color. From there, you can even toss a few targets on the wall to make sure your trigger finger is warmed up before a public match.

Create a full-blown apartment

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Believe it or not, your minuscule dorm space can be expanded into a multi-floor apartment with tons of gorgeous furniture pieces. The easiest method of doing this is simply by downloading and applying dorm skins, such as Cozy Loft creation by creator Jammmy, from your dorm mirror. You can also add extra doors and then wire them with the Trigger Volume gadget to travel to different rooms and game modes in an instant.

Build a video game museum

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Another popular option you have is to deck out your room with nothing but video game memorabilia. For instance, die-hard Nintendo fans can discover a number of items like a life-size Mario and a massive replica of a Nintendo Switch. Though, you should look to apply more than just inventions. The game offers a handful of free dorm skins that can go along with this video game theme. As shown above, we went as far as adding a skin with neon green lights to perfectly compliment our ode to all things Xbox.