Cube World: How To Get Pet Food


Pet food is a critical item in Cube World. You’re going to use it to tame pets if you’re interested in taking a companion with you around the world. However, locating the particular food item, you’re looking for in the game is troublesome. You have two methods available to you for those looking to become creature handlers and add a companion to your game experience.

How to Get Pet Food in Cube World

Loot It

The basic method to locate some pet food is to run through the game world and loot it. You’re going to find it on enemies, and you’re going to find particular enemies drop a consistent item most times they die. Not every creature is going to have the same drop rate, and some have a higher chance than others. Unfortunately, we do not have exact information about what monsters are going to drop what particular item. We’re still gathering up this information and learning it for ourselves. However, we do know what pets are looking for what specific pet food item.

We have the complete list of those options available to you through this guide. Take a gander through it and find the items you’re looking to acquire. If there’s a specific pet you’re looking to join your party, look for the right food on the list you’re going to need to tame it.

Purchase It

The second alternative to grabbing the pet food you’re looking for is by venturing into the town of the area you’re in and speaking the Item Shop owner. No, you do need to visit the Pet District in the city. Given the name of “Pet District,” you might believe they were trying to tell you something.

No, you need to go to the “Trade District,” and speak to the Item Shop owner to purchase all of your pet food items fairly easy. You’re going to find all of the pet food is available for you to purchase, except the Pumpkin Mash. You’re going to want to use this food if you’re planning to tame a pig. If you were looking to add a pig to your party, you might have to rely on killing enemies to grab it.

Those are the two methods for gathering up pet food in Cube World. We’re going to update pages with specific food items people are looking to grab as we learn about what enemy drops them or if you can get them from a quest in town. For now, the quickest way to get any pet food is to visit the Item Shop owner.

If you’re looking for help on how to level up, we have a guide with information on what you need to do.