How do the Cube World Towns Work?


An important part of Cube World is locating the nearest town in your area. You’re not going to have an easy time finding it, though. There’s only one town for each region. If you haven’t found one yet in your current area, you’re going to spend some time looking for it. When you do it find it, you’re going to be able to rest easy and get plenty of things down. Here’s how useful towns are in the game.

Cube World Towns

Are you having trouble finding it? The best method of looking for a city in Cube World is to head to the center of your region. You’re going to find most cities in the middle of the area. It may take you a bit of time to locate it, but when you do, you’re going to be able to rest easy.

Adventurer District

The Adventurer district is for all of those characters who find themselves in the middle of danger, eagerly going out on quests, and bringing justice to the land. You’re going to find the class trainer in this part of the town. The class trainer is going to lower your Skill Points, and they have the option to change your specialization, which you chose at the start of the game. If you don’t like what you’re playing right now, feel free to give the game another shot in a different role.

You’re also going to find the Adaption tower, and the Adapter is inside. You can give the Adapter platinum coins to modify the power level of your weapons, making them even stronger. Getting the platinum coins is no small task. You’re going to need to defeat bosses and complete challenging missions found throughout the world. You’re likely only going to interact with the Adapter during the late game when you’re significantly stronger.

Crafting District

Are you interested in making the best armor, weapons, clothing, or working with your hands? You’re going to have the opportunity to do so through the numerous different crafting workshops found throughout this portion of the city. Here’s everything you can find and interact within this location:

  • Anvil: Turn metal cubes into different items
  • Clothier: You’re going to make armor for Mages, Rangers, and Rogues
  • Customization Bench: Modify weapons and armor to your look, and improve them
  • Furnace: Smelt metals into nuggets
  • Loom: Make yarn
  • Saw: Cut up wood logs
  • Spinning Wheel: Use this on Cotton Capsules
  • Smithy: Craft metals into different objects

Those are merely the highlights of the entire district. We didn’t detail everything, because it’s far more enjoyable to learn as you go. However, this gives you plenty of direction if you’re looking to investigate further.

Pet District

Are you interested in finding a furry companion to join your crusade? You’re going to find one of those animals here in this district. You can explore to find one animal to click with and see if the two of you match. However, you’re going to need a particular pet food to tame them. To buy them, you’re going to need to buy the specific item in the Trade District.

Trade District

Did you find something beautiful, but it’s worthless to you on your last adventure? Rather than chuck it away you can sell it to some of the locals in the town in the Trade District. There are four shops available to you in this location.

  • Armor Shop: You’re going to find armor for all four of the game’s classes available in this shop.
  • Item Shop: If you’re looking for a specific item to use in battle or to use to craft an object, you’re going to want to browse through the numerous menus here. You can purchase all of the available pet food from this stall, too.
  • The Identifier: Did you find Leftovers during your last adventure? Approach the Identifier, and they’ll investigate it for you, for a small price.
  • Weapon Shop: Need to hit things with a bigger sword or with a better bow? Step inside to find your next deadly weapon.

All of these shop owners are eager to sell you their wares, and they accept any item you’re willing to part with for a good price. It’s a great place to use and acquire money.