Cube World – What Are Artifacts


Cube World has made some pretty significant changes since it moved from alpha to beta. One of the biggest ones is that you no longer gain experience or levels from fighting enemies. Instead, the system has moved to place more importance on gear and items that you find from doing missions. You can level up your character, but you need Artifacts to do it.

What Are Artifacts?

Artifacts are special, and very rare, items that will level up your character. There appears to be more than one Artifact per region, so be sure to explore regions fully before moving on. Some players have reported that finding enough lore at tombs, temples and other places has led to the game telling them where an Artifact is located, but mostly they appear to be tied to boss fights.

What Do Artifacts Do?

Artifacts level you up, but at the moment those level gains don’t seem to be tied to combat or survivability stats in any way. Instead, they give you stranger benefits, like being able to hold your breath for long, or less stamina drain while you are using a hang glider, and other such benefits.

That is all we know for now, and there is currently some conflicting information doing the rounds. We’ll be playing the game as much as we can though, and will update this guide as we learn more about Artifacts in Cube World.