Cube World – What Is The Sky Whistle


There are a lot of very fundamental items you need to find in Cube World to fully explore a region. Things like the boat, climbing spikes, and the Sky Whistle will allow you to reach new places and explore. And Cube World is all about exploration, so you will want as many tools that enable you to do it as you can get your hands on.

What Is The Sky Whistle

Sky Whistle

The Sky Whistle is an item that will often be mentioned to you by a random NPC. Speaking with NPCs in the world, and especially in villages, will often get you a hint about where a certain item is located. You can also randomly come across the Sky Whistle while exploring.

Stone Bird Statue

The Sky Whistle will allow you to reach the floating islands that are dotted around the different regions. You can use the Sky Whistle at stone bird statues like the one pictured above, and you will then be whisked away to the floating island so that you can explore it.

Keep in mind, like other items in the game the Sky Whistle will magically stop working if you enter a new region, so you will need to find it all over again. The Sky Whistle doesn’t seem to have a set spawn location, nor a set NPC who will give you the quest. Instead, you need to talk to every NPC you come across, or fully explore any location that you find on the map.