Dark Souls 3: How to Farm More than 100000 Souls in 5 Minutes Guide

 Dark Souls 3: How to Farm More than 100000 Souls in 5 Minutes Guide

Dark Souls 3 is been a real hit our there and players have started their exploration in the Dark World of Lothric. Players need to equip the best weapons, items, magic to battle against the enemies, but to purchase them you need Souls and here is the best way to Farm Souls in Dark Souls 3.

Farming Souls

The Location shown below will be in between one of the four Lords of Cinder. As you progress in the game your Farming Souls ability will also increase throughout the game. In case you need some more help with Dark Souls 3 Collectibles and Walkthrough make sure you visit our Dark Souls 3 Wiki Guide. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Farming souls in Dark Souls 3.

How to Farm Souls

Starting with which items to equip then you should probably look for the best item which will give you boost on soul increasing, just like the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring with Shield of Want as these items will increase the amount of Souls absorbed on each Kill. Next is the different Location where you need to Farm the Souls in every 5 minutes.

Farron Keep

Just before the Abyss Watchers encounter, you can farm approx 4000 Souls in every 2 minutes. Take Down all the Dark Enemies close to the Bonfire(Top of the Hill) and each Kill will give you about 350 Souls. After killing them all return to the bonfire and let the area reset and repeat the process. If you are lucky then these enemies will also drop Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass.

Irithyll Dungeon

The Best place to Farm Souls is in the Sewers outside the Distant Manor Bonfire. All you need to do is head out and then get inside the Sewer on the right and take down all the Spider Creatures which will give you 990 Souls per Kill. These are extremely easy to defeat so make sure you do a good farming in this area. After killing them all return to the bonfire and let the area reset and repeat the process.

Another Location at the Irithyll is the Church of Yorksha, you need to run a Lap and kill al the enemies on your way which will yield you approx 7000 Souls in every 2 minutes. So Firstly head out and take left kill the Fire Witch(2500 Souls), Climb the stairs and Kill the Shadow Witches(330 Souls each). Again head up the stairs, take left to kill the knight(1425 Souls) and Finally drop a Summoning sign in front of the Pontiff Sulyvahn then drop down Kill the Final Knight(1425 Souls), head to the Bonfire and repeat the same.

Archdragon Dragon Peak

This is one of the best places to farm Souls without losing a single health if you know how to backstab properly. Fast travel to the Dragon-kin Mausoleum Bonfire then head inside you see the summoning sign where you get 5200 Souls for each kill. Simply stand behind the Summoning Sign and once the enemy is summoned give them the best backstab and repeat the same. Here you don’t need a reset the area but remember there is no loot drop it’s just for Soul farming. Also, you need to take down the Havel of the area first or else he can be summoned.

Grand Archives

The Final Farming area is from the Grand Archives Bonfire take the left elevator and head up. Once you come out take the left stairs and from the rooftop you can see 3 Winged Knights. Take them one by one as their attacks are very heavy and destructive, but each Winged Knight will reward you 17000 Souls and more so definitely this is the fastest and easy Souls Farming Location in Dark Souls 3. Killing all the Knights in one go will reward you approx 60000 Souls. This is definitely worth a try.

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