Savvy player finds Dark Souls and Elden Ring references in Hogwarts Legacy

You’re a wizard, Tarnished.

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Some of the best Easter eggs in gaming come from developers placing cheeky nods to other popular franchises into their world for savvy players to find. While Hogwarts Legacy is built upon a well-established magical universe, it is not beyond tossing their fans a few references to give them a laugh. One clever player noticed that Hogwarts Legacy actually has some Easter eggs hidden in its world in recognition of two other well-known gaming behemoths, Dark Souls and Elden Ring.

The player took to Reddit to share their findings and the community has basically unanimously agreed that they indeed discover nods to the two FromSoftware titles.

Image via r/HarryPotterGame

Near the Inferi Lair section of the map outside of Hogwarts Castle, the player stumbled upon a bonfire with a sword sticking out of it. This is the first reference to Dark Souls, and can also include Elden Ring. Both games feature campfires that act as resting points to save and level up. This bonfire, however, cannot be interacted with in the same manner. It’s a shame, as we could really use a chat with Melina before heading into the lair.

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Image via r/HarryPotterGame

If the campfire reference wasn’t enough to convince you, then maybe the cliffs above it will do the trick. The player pointed out that there are several horizontal tombstones sticking out of the wall. This is obviously a poke at the dreaded jumping puzzles unique to Elden Ring. We’re sorry if it triggers negative memories of falling to your death upon Torrent while trying to successfully navigate them.

Hogwarts Legacy has already beaten Elden Ring’s launch week sales, a feat that didn’t seem possible as Elden Ring was a viral masterpiece when it launched. While the wizarding world is back in the limelight right now, it still can’t escape the controversies surrounding its author’s contentious comments, and many popular streamers have faced criticism over playing it.