What are Creature Cores In Darksiders Genesis?


In Darksiders Genesis, Creature Cores are unique items you pick up throughout the game. They allow you to enhance the stats of your heroes and make them more powerful. You can get Creature Cores by killing enemies. A Creature Core drops the first time you kill a new type of enemy, and unique Creature Cores can drop from bosses and elite enemy monsters.

Killing the same units over and over again will result in picking up the same cores, but this increases the level of the core. You can also purchase cores from Vulgrim, and earn them in the Arena.

After you reach Vulgrim for the first time, you can access your Creature Cores menu. You can do this from the Pause menu. You can arrange your cores as you see fit, but there are some essential things you should note.

Creature Cores

Creature Cores go in the slots to increase the stats and abilities of both characters, Strife and War. Each core improves your Health, Attack, or Wrath powers. They can also have unique effects or impact on a skill, like reducing a cooldown or increasing the damage of an ability move. Pay close attention to the description of each core to see what kind of effect it has. You can see the full description of a core by clicking on an empty slot, then picking the core from the list of available cores on the left of the screen.

Creature Core Description

You need to be careful about which slots you put the cores in. Slots have a specific type, and if you match the slot type with the core type, they will have an increased effect. The special Cores you get from bosses can only go into Major Creature Slots, and some cores will be Wild Type, so you can put any core you like in them.

You can remove the Creature Cores and place them in different slots. The adjacent slots will need to have an active core in it, or else it will not be powered. It is best to experiment with different builds, to determine their impact on your characters.