Dauntless Apocalypse Horn – How to Get It


The further you get into Dauntless, the more time you’ll spend hunting for esoteric upgrade materials, and the Apocalypse Horn is one that seems to give a lot of people trouble. It’s necessary for creating lots of different Radiant equipment, and you’ll even need to make a weapon of this element for a mid-game quest. Even though it’s technically classified as a common drop, you can easily fight dozens of Valomyr without finding one if you don’t know how to get it. Fortunately, once you know what to do, you can reliably get an Apocalypse Horn just about every time you fight a Valomyr.

Valomyr is the first Radiant Behemoth you’ll face in Dauntless. That means that its attacks entirely different from what you’ve seen before, and you also won’t have any equipment that’s effective against it. Don’t let that worry you, though. You’ve definitely faced tougher Behemoths to get to this point, and once you get Valomyr’s patterns down, there’s not much to this fight. Valomyr’s attacks are all based on light, including turrets that it spawns to attack you from a distance and rings of floating orbs that surround the Behemoth and damage you if you get too close. You can actually destroy the turrets pretty quickly, and if you position yourself just right, you can stand between the rings of damaging orbs to attack Valomyr without getting hits yourself. Other than that, just watch for when any part of Valomyr’s body starts glowing white and quickly get away to avoid a powerful blast. You’re going to take some hits in this fight no matter what you do, so wear the hardiest armor you have and load up on defensive consumables before you go in.

Player attacking Valomyr horn with axe

Once you’re in the fight, you need to focus on the horn on Valomyr’s head. This is where the difficulty of getting the Apocalypse Horn comes in. To get the material to drop, you actually need to break the horn specifically, not just the head. That can be a problem because it’s usually hammer users who focus on Behemoth’s heads for stagger damage, but hammers can’t break horns. If you want to break that horn, you’ll need to bring a different weapon to the fight and focus your attacks on the horn. Axes and swords are good bets here.

To tip the odds further in your favor, make sure you equip cells on your equipment that boost part damage. You can also equip armor that increases part damage if you’re sure you don’t need the greater defensive boosts that some armor gives. The Shell of the Swarm chest piece and Drakescale Gloves will increase your part damage, as will cells that grant Sharpened and Bladestorm. You can also make weapons that increase part damage, such as those made from Kharabak and Shrike parts. With all of those equipped, you can easily break the horn every time you run into Valomyr before the fight is over.