Dawn of Man | How to increase Morale

One of the most important things in every city building game is the happiness or morale of citizens and Dawn of Man is absolutely not different. Here’s how to increase morale in Dawn of Man.

What is Dawn of Man?

Dawn of Man is the latest game developed by the studio Madruga Works, the team known for Planetbase, a space simulation game. Dawn of Man is very similar to Planetbase, but here you will have the task not only to create a place where people can live, but also to make sure that they can survive there. There will therefore be many factors to consider, such as food, water, weapons and housing. In order to collect the raw materials you will need people willing to work, but to do so will require a high morale.

How to increase Morale?

Here are the steps to increase the morale of people in Dawn of Man so that everyone is ready and willing to work to keep them and ourselves alive.

  • Step 1: Give people more water and food possible without limiting if not in really necessary cases.
  • Step 2: Everyone loves alcohol, so you have to drink your beer population. Beer will increase morale considerably, but to produce it, you need cereals.

You will have some cereals available, but if you do not have to be so venture out and harvest the wild ones. Take them home and put them on your farm (which you will have to create if you do not have them yet). When it’s time, grab the wheat and use it to make beer.

Wheat can also be used to make flour and therefore bread to feed the population and keep morale high.

That’s all you need to know about raising morale in Dawn of Man. \