How To Fix Days Gone Download Incomplete Go Explore Error


Some people who are playing Days Gone are being affected by a problem that can occur while in Copeland’s Camp. They won’t be able to leave, cannot ride their bike, and will see an on-screen message that says “Days Gone Download Incomplete Go Explore.” In this guide, we tell you the best course of action to take to fix this issue

Days Gone Download Incomplete Go Explore

What appears to be happening to cause this error is that the game is allowing people to start playing before the download is fully complete. Once you reach a specific part of a mission involving Copeland’s Camp, it is unable to allow you to continue until the download is complete.

If you save and log out of the game, and check your Downloads, you will more than likely see that the game, or the 1.04 patch, is still downloading. All you can really do is wait for the download to fully complete, then load up the game and continue to play. This is really worth checking, even if you think that the game has been fully installed, as it is more than likely not the case. There simply isn’t that much to do in Copeland’s Camp in the early game, so there is no real point in hanging around there waiting for the game to finish installing.

If you want to check how much the game still has to download, just hit the options button while the Days Gone icon is highlighted on the dashboard. If you have been using a disc version of the game, then ensure that the game has fully installed from the disc before you start it up again.

It’s an annoying issue, no doubt, but thankfully it should largely solve itself for you.