Days Gone: Horde Locations

Horde Locations

There are 40 different Hordes in Days Gone, large groups of zombies that you can fight if you are feeling brave or stupid. You will need to take on three of them for the campaign, and 37 more are hiding in various caves around the map.

Fighting Hordes is ridiculously tough, so you want to make sure you are incredibly well armed before you take one on. The locations in this guide are where the Horde sleeps during the day; they move around at night but will always return to their cave when the sun comes up. Some of the Hordes will only appear after the main campaign is over, so you’ll need to bear with me while I get this guide fully finished.

Days Gone Horde Locations

Cascades Horde Locations

Cascade Horde Locations

There are eight Hordes in the Cascades:

  • Horse Lake: Head for the Horse Lake Nero checkpoint and this horde can be found in a cave on the left side of the road that heads east.
  • Death Train: The train that has come to a stop on the bridge near Horse Lake Nero checkpoint is home to a Horde that slumbers there during the day.
  • White King Mine: In the north-west corner of the Cascades, cross the small wooden bridge, and there will be a Horde lurking in the mine there. You should remember this area from the campaign.
  • O’Leary Mountain: Just to the north of the safehouse where Boozer spends time nursing his burned arm, you can find a cave in the face of the mountain, and the Horde lurks within.
  • Little Bear Lake: Head for the Little Bear Lake Nero checkpoint and this horde hides out in a cave just above it.
  • Grotto Caves: To the west of the Nero Checkpoint past the Old Pioneer Cemetary.
  • Cascade Highway: Directly to the north of the Horse Creek Ambush Camp, go past the railway bridge, and you will find the entrance is a mountain face to the east.
  • Proxy Falls Horde: South of the Horse Creek Ambush camp, you need to go over a stone bridge, and you will find the Horde in a cave there.

Belknap Horde Locations

Belknap Horde Locations

There are seven Hordes in Belknap that you can find at the following locations;

  • Patjens Lake: This Horde can be found in Rebel Rock Cave. Head north-west from the Hot Springs camp.
  • Bear Creek: To the west of the Bear Creek Ambush Camp. Near to Sarah’s memorial site.
  • Shadow Lake: North of Marion Forks Nero Checkpoint, at the very top of the lake, you will find the cave entrance.
  • Lava Arch: Right in the middle of Belknap, inside the small roped off the cave.
  • Marion Forks: Directly south of the town itself, inside a small cave to the east side of the road.
  • Belknap Crater: To the north-west of the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp.
  • Twin Craters: Inside a cave to the south-east of the gas station, in the south-east corner of Belknap.

This guide is currently being updated.