Days Gone – How To Beat A Horde

Days Gone is filled with zombie-like enemies called Freakers. They are trivial to deal with on their own, and in a group, they can pose a solid threat. As a Horde, a massive collection of enemies that move like a tide of rotten flesh, they can feel almost impossible to deal with. The Horde says coming, no matter what you do, and it will eventually run you over, and your shambling corpse will join the tide.

In this case, we will show you how to go about taking on a Horde and win.

How To Beat A Horde

Fight On Your Own Terms

You can fight a Horde during the day, or you can take one on at night. During the day you can find Hordes hiding from the daylight, packed together like sardines in a can. At night time they roam the plains and the hills, so it is much better to take one on during the day. Them all being packed together, and having to come at you from one spot, plays nicely into the second point.

Commit to Explosives

The very first thing you should be doing when fighting a horde is throwing as many explosives into the middle of the massed zombies as you can. molotovs, grenades, and pipebombs make a great start to any Horde fight, rapidly thinning the numbers of the Freakers before they really know what is going on, and have a chance to react.

Learn The Lie Of The Land

Before you start the fight, make sure you scout the area you are in fully. Figure out the route you want to take when the Horde comes after you, and plan it carefully. Place traps if you have them, and figure out locations that will let you through with ease, but cause the Horde to get caught up just from their own numbers. The last thing you want to do is take a poorly planned route and run into a dead end. There may also be advantages like exploding barrels that you can use if you lead the Horde to them.

The Right Tool For The Job

Get yourself an LMG. There are other weapons in the game, yes, but the LMG is the ultimate Horde fighting weapon. You can mow down Freakers with it, then reload as your re-position and mow down some more. The LMGs are, hands down, the best weapons to use to take on the Hordes.

Invest In Focus

Early in the game, health and stamina seem like the two winners, but when it comes to Horde fights, you want some Focus. You also want some Focus related skills, such as the Ranged skill “Under Pressure.” This skill will pause the Focus timer while you reload, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck from Focus.

The main way to achieve success when fighting a Horde is to not go into it unprepared. Make sure you have the right weapons, plenty of ammo, and as many explosives as you can carry. Fight them only when it suits you to do so, and not if you randomly run into them when exploring the map. That’s it, everything you need to know about how to beat a Horde.