Days Gone – How To Use Custom Skins

Days Gone is filled with custom skins for you to unlock to give your bike a bit more character. Generally speaking, when you hit one of the game’s many milestones, it should result in a new skin for your bike. They are custom paints jobs for your bike, and they do look a lot nicer than the standard paints that you can buy. It’s not obvious how you use custom skins, so in this guide, we will explain how to put them on your bike.

How To Use Custom Skins

Custom Skins

To put a custom skin on your bike, you need to head to a Mechanic; these are the guys you need for anything related to your trusty bike. You will need to use a Mechanic that offers full upgrades to the bike. If a camp mechanic only sells fuel and repairs, you cannot use them to add the custom skins. These can be found in the various Encampments that you will get access to around the map. Now, go to the Paint tab in the Mechanic menu, then navigate to Decals.

If you hit R2 in the Decals menu, it will switch to Custom Accents, and you will be able to apply any of the custom skins that you have unlocked. It can take a few seconds for the custom skins to load in properly, so be sure to give them time to do so before deciding if you like it or not.

So, once again, to apply the custom skins to your bike, just do the following;

  • Go to a Mechanic
  • Navigate to the Paint menu
  • Go to Decals
  • Hit R2 to go to Custom Accents and pick which one you want.

Easy when you know how, but not the most obvious thing in the world. Now you know how to spruce up your bike, and how to use custom skins. Best of luck taking on the Freakers on your shiny looking bike.