Days Gone: Marion Forks Infestations Locations

In Days Gone, Infestation Zones make fast traveling on specific routes too dangerous. If you want to be able to Fast Travel to Hot Springs in the early game, you will need to clear out the Marion Forks Infestations. There are five in total, and they are pretty spread out, but this guide will show you how to find them.

Marion Forks Infestations

Marion Forks Infestation Locations

The map above shows the locations of all 5 of the Infestation Nest in Marion Forks. Most of these are pretty easy to deal with. All you need to do is throw a Molotov Cocktail at them, and they will burn away to nothing. Don’t forget to pick up the residue they leave behind so you can craft special arrows.

The only awkward one is upstairs in one of the buildings. You don’t want to get trapped inside at all the Freakers come stumbling out, so throw the Molotov and then run back downstairs and jump through a window. It is highly unlikely that the Freakers will be able to follow you in time, and you can pick them off as they come out the window.

Be sure to have a good scout around the town, as there are plenty of resources here to pick up. Be cautious though, as enemy bikers can show up and you will need to fight them off if they spot you.