Dead Cells Skills Guide | All Skills, Their Ability And Cooldown Stats

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In Dead Cells, you can access to different skills that will add more power to your attack. In this guide, you will find the list of all skills and what they do. You have to figure out the right skill and use it at the right time so that you get maximum damage on enemies.

Dead Cells Skills Guide

List Of All Skills And What They Do

Below you can read about the various skills you will see in Dead Cells and what they do. Also, you will get the info about what blueprint is required to unlock them.


  • Ability – Stuns and cause 20 damage enemies around you for 2 seconds.
  • Cooldown – 9 seconds.

Infantry Grenade I:

  • Ability – Inflicts moderate damage on enemies.

Infantry Grenade II:

  • Ability – Inflicts moderate damage on enemies + enemies who are attacked will vomit toxic cloud.

Ice Grenade:

  • Ability – It will freeze the enemies first and then damage them. Inflict 40 damage per 5 seconds.
  • Cooldown – 6 seconds.

Fire Grenade:

  • Ability – It will burn and cause 12 damage on enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Grenadiers.
  • Cooldown – 8 seconds.

Bear Trap:

  • Ability – For a while, this trap will immobilize the enemy. It will also increase the damage they will take while trapped.
  • Cooldown – 7 seconds.

Horizontal Turret:

  • Ability – You can deploy a turret that will fire on nearby enemies in a horizontal direction. Enemies can attack and destroy it otherwise the turret will keep shooting unless all enemy around dies. The turret will stop working if you are too far from it, you have to stay in its range. It inflicts 40 Damage.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Zombies.
  • Cooldown – 5 seconds.

Flamethrower Turret:

  • Ability – Once you deploy it, it will burn nearby enemies for approx 2 seconds and with 10 Damage.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Shocker.
  • Cooldown – 6 seconds.

Heavy Turret:

  • Ability – Fire all the enemies around, you get 15% damage boost when you are close to the turret.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Slashers.
  • Cooldown – 5 seconds.

Corrupted Power:

  • Ability – You get an increase in weapon damage by 70%, plus it will also increase your damage intake by 30%. The skill will stay active for 8 seconds.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Defenders.
  • Cooldown – 15 seconds.


  • Ability – This skill will really help you in dealing with stronger enemies. It allows you to teleport behind a enemy and it boost your damage of your next attack by 150%.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Phazers.
  • Cooldown – 1.8 seconds.

Magnetic Grenade:

  • Ability – The skill allows you to pull enemies towards the blast and cause 12 damage with high radius.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Grenadiers.
  • Cooldown – 8 seconds.

Meat Grinder:

  • Ability – It will deploy saw blades wherever it lands. Any enemies who walks or fly above it will face damage. You will have to stay in the range of Meat Grinder or else it will not work. It inflicts 35 damage.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Phazers.
  • Cooldown – 5 seconds.

Ivy Grenade:

  • Ability – It will deploy saw blades wherever it lands. Any enemies who walks or fly above it will face damage. You will have to stay in the range of Meat Grinder or else it will not work. It inflicts 30 damage.
  • Blueprint – There is a time limit to locate this blueprint, you have to find this within 10 minutes and 30 second. It is located behind Time Door in Collector’s room.
  • Cooldown – 8 seconds.

Oil Grenade:

  • Ability – The grenade will drop a large patch of oil on the floor, it can pass through walls. The oil is inflammable which will increase the damage. It inflicts 20 damage.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Running Zombies.
  • Cooldown – 4 seconds.

Ceiling Turret:

  • Ability – The turret will stick to the ceiling and fires at the enemy in the range. It will keep shooting and does not turns off, but you will need a ceiling to use it. It inflicts 52 damage.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Thornies.
  • Cooldown – 5 seconds.

Toxic Cloud:

  • Ability – This one will create a toxic cloud that will cause 15 damage for 4 seconds. The cloud will remain in one place, you can stay in it, it will only damage enemies.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by host zombies in Graveyard area.
  • Cooldown – 10 seconds.


  • Ability – This one is a onetime power, that means you can use it only once. It offers you two benefits first a 10 second invulnerability against attacks and it also heals you for a short time.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Watcher.

Biter Swarm:

  • Ability – You can summon a pack of biter in the battle. They can attack and distract the enemies around you.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Disgusting Worm.
  • Cooldown – 7 seconds.

Cluster Bomb:

  • Ability – You can summon six mini bomb that can inflict 42 damage on all enemies around you.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Slasher.
  • Cooldown – 4 seconds.

Death Orb:

  • Ability – You can summon a slow moving Orb of energy using this skill that will cause 100 damage on anyone who passes through it. It takes a long time to disappear or unless it hits a wall.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Meat Grinders.
  • Cooldown – 9 seconds.


  • Ability – You will earn HP per active melee hit for 10 seconds. But this will also increase +75% damage intake during the time period.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Inquisitors.
  • Cooldown – 25 seconds.

Night Light:

  • Ability – It will create a blue lamp in your path that will ignite for some time. It has a high cool down time. Useful only in Forgotten Sepulcher.
  • Ability – Inflict continuous damage on enemies for 5 second around you. Ideal for dealing with a group of enemies.
  • Blueprint – Finish 5 daily run.


  • Ability – It will crush enemies in the range of its attack. It inflicts a damage of 200 on enemies.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Spinners.
  • Cooldown – 7 seconds.

Grappling Hook:

  • Ability – You can pull the enemy towards you and cause 60% extra damage on the next melee attack.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Catcher.
  • Cooldown – 3 seconds.

Knife Storm:

  • Ability – With this skill, you can launch a storm of knives around you that can cause bleed damage for approx 4 seconds.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Bats.
  • Cooldown – 8 seconds.


  • Ability – The skill allows you to turn invisible for around 6 seconds. It also leaves a lure on your place that will attract all the enemies around.
  • Blueprint – Dropped by Defenders.
  • Cooldown – 10 seconds.

Following skills will help you to deal with stronger enemies in the game easily. Some skills offer a decent damage with lower cooldown time that is effective against enemies with moderate strength.