Finding the Abyssal Trident in Dead Cells' The Queen and The Sea DLC
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How to get the Abyssal Trident in Dead Cells’ The Queen and The Sea DLC

Poseidon would be proud!

Whether you are a fan of the sea deity Poseidon or Marvel’s Aquaman, the Abyssal Trident is undoubtedly one of the coolest ocean-themed weapons introduced in Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea DLC. However, before you can get your hands on this fantastic melee armament, you must understand the complex process of how you can reach its location. First, you will need to make your way to the Infested Shipwreck, but unlike most biomes, the sea vessel’s wreckage has several prerequisites tied to accessing it.

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How to unlock the Infested Shipwreck in Dead Cells

Unlocking the Ram Rune in Dead Cells
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To access the Infested Shipwreck of The Queen and the Sea, you must acquire three Runes essential for the journey:

  • Vine Rune – Find and defeat the Elite Undead Archer in the Promenade of the Condemned, accessible from the Prisoners’ Quarters.
  • Teleportation Rune – Hunt down the Elite Slasher in the Toxic Sewers, which can also be accessed via the Prisoners’ Quarters.
  • Ram Rune – Make your way to the Ossuary from the Promenade of the Condemned and slay an Elite Slasher.

Do note that you can locate Elite Enemy rooms by looking for red squares on the map of the biome.

Unlocking the Infested Shipwreck in Dead Cells
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Once you have these three Runes, complete the next several steps to unlock the Infested Shipwreck in Dead Cells: 

  1. Look for a light-blue Lore Room in the Toxic Sewers to encounter the Fisherman. He will direct you to Stilt Village. 
  2. After arriving at Stilt Village, enter the lighthouse keeper’s home, which should be near the lift that leads to the Clock Tower.
  3. Inside, defeat the Elite Armored Shrimp to acquire the Crowned Key; you will use this Key on the locked door in the Passage after the Clock Room
  4. After defeating the Time Keeper, head to the exit leading to High Peak Castle. Use the Crowned Key to unlock the locked room in the area.
  5. The next biome will be a linear pathway void of enemies. At the end of the map, you will find the Fisherman on his boat, waiting to take you to the Infested Shipwreck.

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Where to find the Abyssal Trident in Dead Cells

Abyssal Trident Map Location in Dead Cells The Queen and The Sea DLC
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Once you have arrived at the Infested Shipwreck, you must collect four Map Parts to locate the Forked Key that unlocks the Lore Room with the Abyssal Trident in Dead Cells. To get these Map Parts, you need to kill random enemies across the biome. Eventually, you will receive the map drops required to reveal the Forked Key’s location. In our case, we found five Map Parts, with the fifth having no use. The Forked Key’s position will be marked with an X; after arriving at the destination, use the Ram Rune’s bodyslam to uncover the Key. Finally, unlock the nearby Lore Room to find the Abyssal Trident weapon in Dead Cells

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