Deadly Sins: Retribution Race tier list – The best Deadly Sins player races

New races are at the top.

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While playing Deadly Sins: Retribution, the race you acquire will be instrumental in your progression in the game. Although every race in the game is somewhat viable, it’s fair to say that some are simply better than others. Hence, we’ve put together a tier list ranking every race in Deadly Sins: Retribution so you can prioritize the correct ones.

What are the best races in Deadly Sins: Retribution?

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S Tier

  • Deity
  • Curse

One of the recent additions to the game, the Deity race, has taken the meta by storm. It is essentially a buffed version of the Goddess race, which in itself is a strong race. Deity users can awaken the Goddess’s eyes which boosts the magical damage. They can also effectively self-heal themselves, making them truly self-sufficient. Finally, Deity users have access to pair of wings, which also increases magic damage.

The Reverse Curse technique available to Curse users provides significant healing. On the other hand, Crescent Cut and Crescent Cleaver are two damage-based moves available to a Curse user. Crescent Cut allows the user to slash forward, dealing major damage in the process, whereas Crescent Cleaver makes numerous slashes appear around the user that deals damage to anyone near the character.

A Tier

  • Royal Demon
  • Demon

Before the addition of the recent races, Demon was widely considered the best race in Deadly Sins: Retribution. It has access to three moves Demon Mark 1, Demon Mark 2, and Demon Wings 1 . Demon Mark 1 boosts physical damage, magical damage, and physical armor, which means you’ll be more durable in the battles. Tier 2 provides the same buff but of greater strength. Finally, Demon Wings 1, as the name suggests, grants the users a pair of wings allowing them to be airborne.

On the other hand, Royal Demon is an enhanced version of the normal Demon race. Apart from having access to Demon Mark 1, Demon Mark 2, and Demon Wings 1, Royal Demon users can also utilize Demong Wings 2 and Demon Wings 3.

B Tier

  • Goddess

Although the Goddess race is still viable, it simply pales in comparison to others. Goddess users can only access Tier 1 Angel Wings and Tier 2 Angel Wings as their race magic which isn’t anything spectacular nowadays. The only reason one should prioritize Goddess is if you get it early in the game and don’t want to reroll.

C Tier

  • Fairy

Much like the Goddess race, the Fairy race only provides access to Tier 1 Fairy Wings and Tier 2 Fairy Wings. Needless to say, Fairy gets outclassed by most races in the game.

D Tier

  • Human

The Human race is, without a doubt, the least popular race in the game, and rightfully so. The damage and perks it provides are mediocre at best. Unless you are specifically a fan of it or want to progress with a weaker race, it’s not worth picking up the Human race.